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Nastar VIP Astronaut Experience & Zero-G Experience®


Nastar VIP Astronaut Experience & Zero-G Experience®

Why not try before you buy, on a simulated flight – a fabulous experience in its own right!

Nastar VIP Astronaut Experience

The National Aerospace Training and Research Centre - the premier air and space training, research and educational facility in the world - is the first FAA approved centre for all training requirements for commercial human spaceflights.

The NASTAR VIP Astronaut Experience is a two day programme that allows participants to experience the closest thing possible to a sub-orbital spaceflight. The programme has been designed to deliver the core knowledge and skills required to become a safe, confident and capable suborbital spaceflight participant as well as providing future space travellers with training in a centrifugal simulator to experience G forces and undergoing a Zero G parabolic flight to experience weightless conditions.

Prices from USD $5,800 per person, include:

  • 2 nights’ accommodation at The Ritz Carlton, Philadelphia, on a bed and breakfast basis
  • Complimentary “Astronaut themed” cocktail
  • Mission Kit with themed amenities
  • Luxury transfers between The Ritz Carlton and NASTAR on both days
  • Personalised Space Suit
  • Personal DVD video of the flights
  • Champagne graduation
  • “Behind the Scenes” VIP tour of the latest simulation equipment
  • Gourmet lunch at NASTAR on both training

Price excludes: flights and hotel incidentals. Our Space Team have tried the suborbital spaceflight simulation for themselves and will be more than happy to talk to you about their experience. Feel free to call them on 01244 897 003.

Zero-G Experience®

Based in the United States, ZERO–G is a private company owned by Space Adventures. Their specially converted Boeing 727, G FORCE ONE, creates a weightless environment allowing private individuals and groups to experience weightlessness.

The converted Boeing 727 performs a series of parabolic arcs that involve a steep climb - when people experience about 1.8gs - followed by a steep dive, during which weightlessness is experienced. The interior cabin has been converted to ensure there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the experience and the windows have been blocked out so participants can’t tell they are in such a steep dive!

During the ‘flight’ the 727 performs 12 to 15 parabolas. The first few simulate Martian and lunar gravity in order to help people acclimatise to movement in weightless conditions, whilst the remaining parabolas provide 100% weightlessness for up to twenty seconds each time.

Flights can be chartered for groups and individual bookings are often available at locations throughout the United States including Cape Canaveral, Las Vegas and San Jose.

Prices start from USD $4,950 per person and include:

  • 12-15 parabolas
  • Your own ZERO-G flight suit
  • ZERO-G merchandise
  • A re-gravitation celebration
  • Certificate of weightlessness completion
  • Photos and video of your experience

Each member of our space team is available to arrange all the elements of your booking, and will happily share their personal experiences of the training.

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