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AlUla Destination Guide

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Welcome to the Elegant Resorts Destination Guide for AlUla, created to help make your choice of luxury holiday as easy as possible. Here, you will find more detailed factual information about the destination you have selected.

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Language Arabic and English
Time Difference 2-3 hours
Currency Saudi Riyal
Voltage 230V

Untouched for centuries, AlUla is tucked away in the northwest corner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An expansive, open-air, living museum, the enchanting region is home to a series of fascinating historical and archaeological sites that span over 200,000 years of human history and ancient civilizations, all the way back to the stone age. Here, dramatic tombs, incredible rock formations and Saudi’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site sit alongside lush date palms and AlUla’s Old Town, inviting you to experience authentic Arabia in boutique luxury. From ancient Arabian inscriptions to contemporary artwork, everywhere you look in AlUla, artistic expression can be found, whilst alfresco adventures include hiking, helicopter tours, horse riding and ziplining. Expect truly transformative experiences and luxury hospitality, whilst always protecting the cherished heritage, friendly locals and humbling landscape of AlUla.


As the largest preserved site of the Nabataean civilisation south of Petra in Jordan, Hegra was Saudi’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and evidence of human presence here dates back beyond the 1st millennium BC. The area is home to over 110 remarkably well-preserved tombs carved into the rocky outcrops within this dreamy desert landscape, which were used to lay Nabataean elite to rest. Also on your journey back in time, find inscriptions that highlight the origins of the Arabic language, and illuminate the customs and beliefs of ancient civilisations, as well as stone-lined water channels demonstrating the civilisation's expert craftsmanship. Embark on a rock art trail to spot over 1,500 petroglyphs or join a cycling tour between the landmarks. Roman influence is also present in the form of defensive walls, gates and towers that once encircled the city. Another key site in Hegra is the Hijaz Railway station, home to a train from a time when merchants and Makkah-bound pilgrims traversed the land. Learn how the construction of the railway, which began in 1900, helped to modernise the way that pilgrims travelled.

Dadan and Jabal Ikhmar

For even more striking landscapes, fascinating history and ancient tombs, Dadan is an ancient, stone-carved city that sits astride the valley’s oasis. It dates back between the late 9th and early 8th century BCE when, as the Kingdom of Dadan, and due to its proximity to the incense trade tours, it was one of the most developed cities in northern Arabia. You can still see more than a dozen tombs that have been cleverly crafted into the red rock faces. A tour of Dadan is perfectly paired with a visit to Jabal Ikmah across the valley. This treasured site is something of an ‘open library’, home to thousands of inscriptions in the rocks, dating back as far as the 1st millennium BC!

AlUla Old Town

Set in the narrowest part of the AlUla Valley and overlooked by a 10th-century citadel, discover the heritage heart of the region – AlUla Old Town. Back in the 12th century, this storied city became an essential part of the Islamic pilgrimage route from Damacus to Makkah, and was inhabited as recently as the 20th century. Join a trained local guide to explore its winding alleyways, mudbrick houses, traditional shops and rahbas (town squares), before meeting the locals, perusing the handicrafts and sampling the cuisine at its evolving market.

Nabataean Oasis

Lush, fertile and filled with life, the Oasis of AlUla is nestled within the Wadi AlQura (or Valley of Villages). This area of greenery amid the sprawling desert has given life to AlUla’s residents, flora and fauna, as well as weary travellers, for millennia. Its rich earth has long made it a thriving agricultural hub, growing everything from lentils and barley to olives and pomegranates. Today, the lush oasis is home to small farms that grow a variety of fruit – from bananas to citrus to mangos – as well as clover and date palms. In fact, each year, AlUla’s 2.3 million date palms produce more than 90,000 tonnes of dates! There’s a lovely, low-impact walking trail that passes from Dadan to AlUla Old Town via the oasis, offering the perfect chance to see the traditional farms in action, as well as local farmers and citrus markets.

Nature and Sustainability

Ethereal, colossal and totally humbling, AlUla’s landscape is simply spellbinding. Monumental rock formations include the iconic Elephant Rock, the bowling pin-shaped Jar Rock, the bridge-like Rainbow Rock (home to semi-precious diamonds), and the mind-blowing Dancing Rocks that appear to sway together in unison. Set within the remote desert landscape, Gharameel is home to extraordinary sandstone formations, whilst promising sublime sunsets and some of the planet’s best stargazing. Set across nearly 600 square miles of canyons, desert and valleys, the Sharaan Nature Reserve aims to conserve and protect the precious AlUla ecosystem. When it does open to visitors (on carefully considered tours with expert wildlife rangers) you can uncover an abundance of incredible wildlife – including red-necked ostriches, Nubian ibex and graceful gazelles.


AlUla’s dramatic landscape, serene beauty and hidden valleys make for an abundance of transformative adventure. Soar over rock formations by helicopter, hike beneath the stars, cross the desert on horseback, take to the dunes by cycle at sunset, or race to a speed of over 100km/h by zipline through the AlUla mountains.


Winter, typically October through April, is the best time to visit AlUla, with temperatures ranging from a pleasant 10–25 degrees Celsius. It does get colder at night, so it is important to pack some warm clothing. May through September is much hotter in this desert climate, with temperatures ranging from 20–35 degrees Celsius.

Getting There+

There are flights (often via other Middle Eastern destinations) from London to Riyadh, Jeddah and Damman, from which there are flights to AlUla. AlUla is a 10-hour drive from Riyadh, a 7-hour drive from Jeddah, a 3-hour, 30-minute drive from Medina, and just over a 3-hour drive from Tabuk Airport. It’s also only a 2.5-hour drive to the Red Sea, which visitors can add on to their trip. When planning your luxury Saudi holiday, your Luxury Travel Specialist will advise the best travel arrangements for your itinerary.

Travel Documentation+

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