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Culture & History

Culture & History

Cultural gems of historic importance

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Culture & History with Elegant Resorts

If you’re looking for a little more than simply a wonderful hotel and yearning for a little more culture, then there are various destinations offering both relaxation and discovery. From fashionable city gems with architectural wonders and historic monuments, to smaller towns and villages oozing with heritage or far-away lands steeped in ancient history and fascinating cultures, we are sure to have something to pique your interest.
Whether you wish to see natural sites of wonder or man-made ancient monuments and temple sites, such as those on Easter Island, Angkor Wat, ancient Greece or the Grand Canyon, religion and belief systems are often integral to the lands we visit and these provide mystery and fascination in equal measure. The sight of dutiful Buddhist Monks adorned in colourful robes alongside their ornate temples, provides a tangible link to history and very much sets the scene for any venture into Asia.
For most travellers, the lure of a luxury beach resort combined with a little culture is irresistible and Mexico offers both in abundance with its eighty-one miles of stunning coastline, verdant jungle and archaeological sites, such as Tulum, all being easily accessible from the Riviera Maya region of the Yucatan Peninsula. Underwater enthusiasts may also wish to see the Great Mayan Reef – one of the world’s largest reefs, which lies under these idyllic coastal waters. Whichever UNESCO World Heritage site you choose to explore, there is no doubt that ancient peoples hold a great fascination for many. Notably, the ancient Mayan culture still captivates those willing to make the spiritual journey up Machu Picchu. Similarly, Uluru in Australia is sacred to local Aborigines and visitors can glean much from taking a privately guided tour with a native resident.


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Culture & History

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