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Bucket List Culinary Experiences Around the World

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08-May-2024 Karl Page

Bucket List Culinary Experiences Around the World

Travel the world through your tastebuds

Travel can be motivated by myriad things, such as wanting to see a historic attraction, experience a new culture, or just take some time away from real life. For many, it can be especially motivated by food. Food lovers will know that sometimes, the best way to the heart of a culture is through its menus, and food and drink can be a wonderful way to learn more about a new place. If you fall into that camp, read on to discover five luxury dining experiences that all foodies should try once in their lives.

Savour Michelin-Starred Dining in Monaco

Monaco is the playground of the elite and one of the world's most luxurious destinations. Known for its premier Grand Prix, world-leading casinos and wealthy residents, you can guarantee an exciting time every time you visit. For those who enjoy the finer things, a Michelin-starred dining experience in Monaco is a fusion of fine dining and opulent surroundings.
When enjoying a luxury city break in Monte Carlo with Elegant Resorts, you'll be able to enjoy Michelin-approved dining without leaving your hotel. Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo has been a haunt for the prestigious since the 19th century, and today, it still stands as a glamourous and contemporary place to stay. Home to not one but two Michelin-starred restaurants, you'll be spoilt for choice whilst staying here. Enjoy The Metropole Monte-Carlo Restaurant for modern French Mediterranean cuisine, which has been awarded two Michelin Stars thanks to its innovative culinary creations. Alternatively, journey East at Yoshi, serving up Japanese cuisine, awarded one Michelin Star alongside its beautiful Japanese garden.
Restaurant du Métropole dinning room
Restaurant du Métropole
Restaurant YOSHI  dining room
Restaurant YOSHI

Cooking Class in Tuscany, Italy

Home to what many believe to be the very best cuisine in the world, food lovers flock to Italy in spades to try authentic dishes made with lip-smacking, Mediterranean-grown ingredients flavourful from the sun.
For those who want to enjoy an Italian food experience, we recommend going one step further than just dining and taking part in a cookery class. You'll be able to learn traditional recipes and techniques, learn more about the importance of food in Italian culture and, of course, enjoy your delicious dish as a reward!
With a luxury break in Tuscany, you'll be able to do so in one of Italy's most adored regions. A stay at L'Andana is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Housing the Michelin-starred La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini, you'll be able to sample exquisite Tuscan cuisine and also experience an expertly led cookery class under the same roof. From 'Traditional Tuscan Recipes' to 'Vegetarian Taste', you'll be sure to find a class to suit your taste and leave you with cooking skills to utilise long after you've returned home.
La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini Cookery Course
La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini Cookery Course
Ingredients for Cookery Course
Tuscan Food

Spice Market Tour in Marrakech, Morocco

With an air full of fragrant and aromatic spices, freshly baked pastries and warming dishes for food lovers, there is likely no better shopping centre than Marrakech's Medina. Located in the heart of the city, the Medina was founded in the eleventh century and today is a treasure trove of delights.
We recommend Souk el Attarine for your spices, with towers of fragrant and brightly coloured aromatics just ready to take your cooking at home to the next level. In the evening, take to Djemma el Fna, the centre of the action, for a tasting session sampling local delicacies from the busy stalls.
Colour spices in a Moroccan souk
spices in a Moroccan souk
Marrakesh markets at sunset
Marrakesh markets at sunset

Farm-to-Table Experience in Napa Valley, USA

Are you hoping to head stateside? The USA is a tapestry of cultures and food experiences, with every state offering something unique. For those who are looking for something slightly more elevated, Napa Valley is the place to go. With a vast array of local vineyards, there are plenty of drink experiences to be had here, sampling delicious wines in the Californian sunshine.
Tempted by Napa Valley? A stay at Bardessono offers a dream getaway. A romantic country retreat in the heart of the valley, you'll be able to enjoy laidback elegance here. Their own Lucy Restaurant and Bar will be on hand to offer you farm-to-table dining with menus centred around making the best of the local offerings, including produce from the on-site kitchen garden, which you can tour with the chef themself to learn more.
Wine and glasses in Vineyards, Napa Valley
Vineyards in Napa Valley
Lucy Restaurant at Bardessono
Lucy Restaurant

Traditional Braai in South Africa

When you think of barbecue, you're likely to imagine the southern states of the USA or the golden coasts of Australia, but you'd be wrong to look over South Africa, home of the braai. A classic braai is an incredible experience, with delicious foods cooked over open flame outside and communities coming together to share in the excitement of delicious food. What's served at a braai is up to the braai master, but often, you'll find boerewors (a traditional local sausage), lamb chops, steak and seafood atop the grill.
Want to experience a braai for yourself? With a luxury safari in South Africa at Bayethe at Shamwari Private Game Reserve,, not only will you be able to see incredible wildlife and search out the Big Five, but you'll also be able to enjoy a traditional braai night under the stars.
Tempted by a gourmet holiday? Browse our Dining & Gourmet luxury holidays, to find a resort that takes food as seriously as you do. From hotels that are home to Michelin stars to vineyards ready to host, you'll find an incredible array of unique stays perfect for satisfying your wanderlust and your foodie goals.
A braai master barbequing meats on a traditional South African braai
Traditional South African braai
Outdoor Dining in Bayethe at Shamwari Private Game Reserve
Outdoor Dining
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