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Come With Me on My First Trip to Bali

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29-May-2024 Claire Bridge

Come With Me on My First Trip to Bali

Discover one of the best-known Indonesian islands with me...

I was not expecting to be so blown away by Bali. Obviously, people know this island for its picture-perfect sea views and glimpses of its heritage, but to actually experience it was really something else. If you are looking for some inspiration on what to do in Bali as a first-timer, or even as a returning traveller, this is what I got up to that made me fall in love with the country.

Where I Stayed In Uluwatu

Jumeirah Bali is the perfect answer to both of the age-old questions of every trip - 'where to stay' and 'what to do'. The hotel was so beautiful and peaceful. It was the perfect place to relax after touring the country.

All the Balinese villas here come with their own private pools if you want that little extra luxury - I stayed in a Garden Villa which was really spacious. It even had an outdoor shower which such a seemingly simple moment that's made utterly magical by being in Bali. The white sand stretch of Dreamland Beach is also on the hotel's doorstep which made for stunning views.
Jumeirah Bali Hotel Entrance
Hotel Entrance

Wellbeing and Relaxation

Balinese culture was so involved in everything that this hotel offered. I spent my first evening here taking part in a sunset yoga class that was just incredible. Set in front of spectacular views, it was a great way to relax, unwind and settle into island life for the next few days.

During my stay, I also visited the hotel's Talise Spa for their Signature Massage, which is honestly a must-do if you want to add a bit of wellness to your escape. The goal of the treatment was to balance my chakra energy, and the therapist did this by working out my dominant chakra (based on my date of birth) and then using oils to complement this.
Spa treatment room

Balinese Cultural Tours

Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Dance Tour

From the hotel, I also joined the Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Dance Tour which was an amazing way of getting closer to Bali's culture and history. The Uluwatu Temple is one of seven sea temples that are said to form a 'chain' around the island and has one of the most dramatic locations upon a clifftop. Macaque monkeys appear to also favour this spot, as there were so many here!

A highlight of this excursion though was the traditional Kecak dance. It is a performance based on an ancient story from the great Hindu epic, the Ramayana, and was hypnotic to watch.
Claire with dancers
Claire with dancers
Uluwatu Temple and macaque monkey
Uluwatu Temple and macaque monkey

Traditional Bali and Naturals Wonders Tour

We also got to visit the local compounds, traditional villages and ancient temples in Bali on the Traditional Bali and Naturals Wonders Tour. Non-stop beautiful scenes truly immersed us in the heart of Bali's culture and people.

The tour featured many highlights - I won't spoil them all for you as this is absolutely a must-do experience - but some of my favourites were Pura Kehen, an 11th-century temple complex considered by many to be one of the most beautiful on the island, and having lunch in a rice field whilst watching people working in the field and learning about the planting and harvesting.
Bali temple
Pura Kehen
This was an unforgettable luxury holiday for me, and I hope it has given you some inspiration for your next escape to Bali. Whilst this may have been my first time visiting, it will certainly not be my last!
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Claire Bridge

Claire Bridge

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