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Master The Art of Adventure With One&Only Resorts

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15-Dec-2023 Laura Curtis

Master The Art of Adventure With One&Only Resorts

Why just visit a destination when you can experience it?

One&Only Resorts celebrates the travellers who want to do more than just see the world. They are artisans of luxury adventure travel, creating stays that take you further, with each property becoming a gateway to exclusive adventures.
Offering an unforgettable journey of authenticity and immersion, get ready to see the world's most exquisite destinations come to life.


People know Mexico for its beautiful beaches, intricate artistry, and enticing cuisine, which makes it an increasingly popular choice of holiday destination. While every room, suite, and villa of One&Only Palmilla offers breathtaking ocean views, it's the curated experiences that truly immerse you in the soul of the country.

Treasured Tastings

One such experience is the Sunset Tequila Tastings, where you can watch as the setting sun turns the skies ablaze with shades of pink from the resort's private cove. Accompanied by the sounds of the Sea of Cortez, you'll discover Mexico's most notable spirit with a sampling of four tequilas, each expertly paired with savoury 'antojitos' (little cravings). This adventure tantalises the senses and reveals the rich culture of the region.
Tequila Tasting

"We innovate our cuisine while respecting Mexican traditions and culture"

- Angel Betancourt, Chef


Renowned for luxury, One&Only The Palm promises a magical Middle-Eastern escape. Set beside a stunning stretch of shore, this Arabian-chic retreat invites you to discover the best of Dubai. Though many travellers venture to this hub of ultra-luxe living for its spectacular beaches or city lights, One&Only The Palm gives guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Dubai's most iconic adventure.

Rally Through the Sands

Speed through the desert sand dunes in a 4x4 as your guide navigates their rise and fall with masterful skill. As your vintage Land Rover traverses the warm sands on this exhilarating morning exploration, you'll be left in awe of the vastness of the desert landscape that surrounds you. Arriving at an authentic Bedouin camp hungry from the excitement, you can recharge and refuel with a delicious buffet breakfast as you take in the day's exploration.
Dubai Desert Dune Bashing


Malaysia's unspoilt nature has attracted attention from adventurers of all ages, with opportunities to discover wildlife in surreal surroundings. One&Only Desaru Coast encourages all its guests to venture further into the call of the wild with nature treks and discoveries made accessible to all.

Step into the Jungle

Join an exciting jungle trek in the Panti Forest Reserve guided by One&Only Desaru Coast's resident naturalist for a journey of discovery. Pass the exotic flora and fauna of Johor, listen for the sounds of the white-handed gibbons and catch sight of the dusky leaf monkeys, pig-tailed macaques and the other mesmerising animals that call the jungle home.
One&Only Desaru Coast

"From its unique culture and history to its beautiful flora and fauna, Johor is teeming with diversity. Whether you're a local or a tourist, there's always something to discover around every corner"

- Khairulizwan Bin Ismai, Resident Naturalist


Experience the beauty of the Aegean Sea and the rich history of Greece at One&Only's private beachfront retreat, One&Only Aesthesis. Inviting you into the country's seldom-told tales, wonder is at your fingertips throughout your stay, with the resort sitting along the scenic Asteria seafront of South Athens.

Charter a New Course

Spend a day aboard a private yacht and discover everything that One&Only Aesthesis stands as a testament to. Sail the sparkling seas of the Aegean, lounge in luxury and uncover hidden coves and secret beaches that are graced with mythological landmarks.
Archaeology Museum

The Maldives

Whilst life in the Maldives is well spent at leisure, One&Only Reethi Rah makes sure it's also filled with memorable moments. Accessible only via yacht or speedboat, this luxury Maldives resort offers 122 luxury villas that are either set on the beach or suspended above the turquoise lagoon for that typically tasteful Maldivian dream escape.

Below the Surface

With its diverse underwater landscape featuring picturesque coral reefs, dramatic drop-offs and vibrant channels, the crystal-clear waters that surround the resort make for a scuba diving haven. Visibility of up to fifty metres ensures a safe and awe-inspiring experience for those learning to dive, but also presents an equally thrilling playground for certified divers looking to meet the marine life.
Scuba Diving

"I was drawn to the incredible marine life that inhabits the waters around our island."

- Joe Rigby, Sea Turtle Biologist

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Laura Curtis

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Whether it's a short-haul weekend away or an exciting international adventure, I'm always eager for my next trip. I've been lucky to travel in abundance, and each time I come home, I bring back unforgettable stories that I love to share.