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Our Top Five Resorts for Responsible Travel

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30-Aug-2023 Fiona Johnson

Our Top Five Resorts for Responsible Travel

Sustainable stays around the world...

As the world begins to focus more and more on the importance of sustainability, we're looking at some of the most responsible properties in our portfolio to identify the innovative steps they have taken to minimise their impact on the planet. Read on to discover which properties are leading the way towards a future safeguarded for the generations to come.

Caribbean: Jade Mountain

A majestic beach-front resort on St. Lucia's southwestern Caribbean coastline, Jade Mountain was designed to be in harmony with nature. This is reflected not only in the resort's stunning architectural design but also through its commitment to environmental practices.

Water Management

To avoid burdening the local community, a reservoir in Anse Mamin Valley has been restored, creating an independent water supply. Water from the reservoir is treated at the resort's very own freshwater treatment station and meets all the resort's water needs. Jade Mountain also runs a managed wetlands program that prevents 100% of the resort's wastewater from being discharged into the marine environment.

Energy Management

The resort has achieved energy savings by taking advantage of natural air flows within the buildings, using only natural light during the day, and operating fuel-efficient vehicles.
Jade Mountain exteriors
Jade Mountain exterior

Maldives: Soneva Fushi

The quintessential island paradise of Soneva Fushi has been successfully running world-leading environmental projects for the past 25 years, fuelled by their belief that luxury and sustainability can be interconnected.

Zero Waste

Soneva is a leader in the local community, aiming to teach and inspire the next generation to send zero waste to landfill. Soneva has banned single-use plastic within the resort and is currently recycling 90% of their solid waste, with the intent of making this 100% by 2030. They have worked with local schools in a zero-waste challenge as well as funding and coordinating a waste management system for the local islands. At the resort's Eco Centro waste centre, another crucial component of their zero waste goals, food matter is composted for the organic garden, while cans, plastic, and cardboard are sent for recycling or turned into artwork.

Carbon Neutral

Introducing a 2% environmental levy on room rates has contributed to Soneva's achievement of carbon neutrality since 2012. This means that both direct CO2 emissions from the resort, such as those from provided activities, and indirect emissions, such as those created through guest's air travel, are offset.
Soneva Fushi

Europe: Sani Resort

Sani Resort's position at the intersection of the sea, forest, and wetlands, combined with its commitment to environmental protection, has earned them the title of 'World's Leading Luxury Green Resort' at the World Travel Awards for 3 consecutive years.

Wetlands Project

With almost half of the total bird species of Greece found in the 110-hectare wetland, the Sani Wetland project is hugely important in ensuring these rare and endangered species are protected. Working with the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS) and Birdlife International a monitoring program is in place to protect these birds and their environment.

Zero Carbon Footprint Project

Having achieved carbon neutrality in 2020, Sani is fully supplied by renewable energy. Further initiatives, to be achieved by 2024, include additional investment in solar parks within the local area and retrofitting properties to improve their efficiency.
Bousoulas Bird Sanctuary

USA: 1 Hotel West Hollywood

A leader in energy-efficiency in L.A., the 1 Hotel West Hollywood wants nature to be at the heart of every stay.

Meaningful Materials

Incorporating biophilic design into the hotel, 75 tons of wood from fallen trees in California have been used in key design elements throughout the property, alongside carpets crafted from recycled fibres and ocean plastics, organic cotton sheets, and earthen plaster and natural stonework in the building's design.

Sustainable Sourcing

With their own 100% organic garden, watered by a smart irrigation system, alongside an apiary, seasonal produce from a number of local farms, and ethically raised meat, 1 Hotel West Hollywood provides a wide-ranging zero-waste menu.
Outside Terrace
Outside Terrace
Hotel Architecture
Hotel Architecture

Australasia: The Brando

This stunning private island resort is the world's first to receive the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certification, the highest award of its kind. This was achieved by designing the buildings to use fewer resources, optimising water efficiency, and protecting sensitive land.

Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC)

Having embraced the new technology of Sea Water Air Conditioning, a highly efficient, low-energy system that harnesses the cold of ocean depths to provide a cooling effect, The Brando has been able to reduce its air conditioning energy consumption by nearly 90%.

Renewable Energy

With over 4,700 photovoltaic panels on the island's airstrip, 60% of the resort's energy needs are met by renewable energy. The solar batteries are predominantly made from recyclable materials, and each will go through thousands of deep discharge cycles in their service life.
Aerial View
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Fiona  Johnson

Fiona Johnson

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A student at St Andrews University with a passion for travel, I have been lucky enough to visit over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East with my family and friends.