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Sustainable Luxury Hotels to Celebrate Earth Day

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20-Apr-2021 Lou Fox

Sustainable Luxury Hotels to Celebrate Earth Day

Luxury travel that doesn't leave a trace...

Held annually on 22nd April, Earth Day is dedicated to showing support for environmental protection and sustainability around the world, and we at Elegant Resorts believe that travel should not only be unforgettable, but mindful too. If you're looking for somewhere to stay that is both lavish and environmentally friendly, why not have a look at some of our leading luxury sustainable hotels, guaranteed to reignite your zeal for travel.

Amilla Fushi


Based in the Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Amilla Fushi is a lavish island resort committed to marine conservation and luxury eco travel. They're dedicated not only to providing a luxury escape, but to sustaining the paradise they've created through their work to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the beautiful beaches through their partnership with Parley for the Oceans and a keen focus on reducing single use plastics. Homegrown@Amilla and Homemade@Amilla strives to grow as many fresh ingredients in their organic gardens as possible, in order to increase freshness, import as little as possible and reduce packaging waste on the island. Alongside this, during the pandemic they've added a banana plantation and the charming 'Cluckingham Palace', where staff can get fresh eggs for guests' breakfasts before heading to the water bottling plant, from which guests can enjoy fresh filtered and bottled water.

Six Senses Kaplankaya


Six Senses Kaplankaya offers beautiful accommodation that combines elegant, natural designs with eco-awareness through their biophilic walls and green roofs. The on-site team aims to inspire guests by promoting education and mindfulness of the environment through their Earth Lab, an ecology area where all sustainability initiatives, activities and partnerships are shared with guests. What's more, younger guests are encouraged to learn something new with their back-to-nature activities, such as teaching them how to reuse and recycle, plant a seed and connect to the local environment. Six Senses Kaplankaya is also home to many of Turkey's botanic species such as olives, cypress, oleander and sage, all of which are used in their Farm -to-Table project which ensures guests are getting sustainably sourced, high-quality food alongside freshly bottled still and sparkling water, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the packaging and transporting of drinking water and food. By using only glass water bottles, they have eliminated all plastic bottles from resort operations, part of an effort to be single-use plastic free.
Mezze by the Sea

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island


Set in the undisturbed waters of the Outer Amirantes, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island is the perfect getaway if you're looking for luxury eco travel. Through partnerships with the Island Conservation Society and WiseOceans, guests and employees have the opportunity to engage, connect and contribute by enjoying environmentally educational activities through the Discovery Centre. These include the regular beach clean ups that aim to remove plastics washed ashore so they can be recycled, or participating in the rebuilding of the native woodlands, providing diverse habitats for plants and animals. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is also committed to removing single use plastics from their resort, instead opting for refillable ceramic containers for all bathroom amenities, a glass water bottling facility and compostable straws, making it the perfect option when seeking a sustainable luxury hotel.
Beach Hammock

Secret Bay


This secluded all-villa, Green Globe certified resort puts environmental responsibility at the heart of everything it does. Built from entirely sustainably sourced materials and assembled meticulously by hand, Secret Bay is in harmony with nature and maintains an environmentally conscious approach to everything it does, encouraging a practice of sustainable tourism. The property includes organic backyard gardens at each villa, as well as an organic farm which caters to the fresh food needs of the Zing Zing Restaurant and kitchen. Plus, the resort maintains a Zero Waste Policy, recycling, reusing and actively composting food waste, as well as using eco-friendly cutlery, crockery, and glassware, enforcing its zero-tolerance policy for single-use plastic. Secret Bay also encourages a genuine and mutually beneficial interaction between guests, staff, island locals and the island itself and one of their top priorities is to employ people from neighbouring communities, buy local produce, and support local artisans and businesses.
Snorkel Gear

The Datai Langkawi


Set against a wilderness backdrop of primordial mountains, the pristine 10-million-year-old rainforest, and a wealth of flora and fauna, The Datai Langkawi is the ultimate in luxury eco travel. The Datai Langkawi's setting, on the north-western tip of the luxurious tropical island of Langkawi, has millions of years' worth of stories to tell and its 750-hectare rainforest back garden is every nature lover's dream. Here, the team of resident naturalists and marine biologists have curated activities for guests to explore their unique surroundings. Visit the Nature Centre and discover a library full of references to the natural beauty of Langkawi and Malaysia, or discuss the island's dedication to sustainable practices with the team dedicated to protecting the stunning forests and beaches.
Crystal Creek
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