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Unique Hotels Where Luxury is Written in Stone

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20-Nov-2023 Laura Curtis

Unique Hotels Where Luxury is Written in Stone

Four stays with a distinctive design...

With an artful ability to take inspiration from their distinct geology, there is an array of alluring destinations that are sculpted around the very earth they stand upon. Taking inspiration from intricate formations and distinctive textures, many stays are infused with the surreal beauty of our planet's natural landscapes.

With a unique design and unforgettable experiences, these are the enchanting experiences where landscape and luxury collide.

Capella Sydney

Main Entrance
Capella Sydney's sandstone façade holds significant importance, not only as a notably unique feature but also as a link to the city's heritage. Native to the region, this local material embodies the character of Sydney. Its warm tones and natural textures resonate with the city's environment, and has been used in Sydney's buildings for centuries.

Amidst the evolving metropolis, Capella Sydney retains a timeless elegance. Standing as a meticulously restored 20th-century building, once home to Sydney's Department of Education, it's now a heritage-listed gem. The McRae Bar, named in tribute to the architect, George McRae, is a place where guests can toast the architectural prowess of this sandstone building and savour sumptuous cocktails.

Six Senses Zighy Bay

Sense on the Edge
The setting of Six Senses Zighy Bay is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Located between the mountains and the azure waters of the Bay of Oman, guests are treated to an extraordinary experience.

Experience a fine-dining journey at the award-winning Sense On The Edge, a restaurant atop a soaring Omani mountain. Set 293 metres above sea level, the resort's signature restaurant boasts a stony façade that harmonises with its unique location, but it is the terrace seating that really showcases the mountaintop setting overlooking Zighy Bay.

Raffles Seychelles

Beachfront Aerial
Welcoming you to Praslin's captivating coastlines, Raffles Seychelles is set on the idyllic Anse Takamaka beach. As you arrive directly by boat or helicopter, you'll discover the resort's perfect white sands that meet crystal clear waters with a line of scattered giant rock formations.

Whilst many of the resort's private pool villas offer coastal views, for a truly unique beach experience your butler can organise an unforgettable picnic for you set atop one of the private beach's prominent boulders - perfect for a family dinner or romantic moment.

Gili Lankanfushi

Wine Cellar
From the exterior, Gili Lankanfushi is a sun-soaked sanctuary nestled along the beautiful beach of the Indian Ocean. But a hidden gem of this Maldivian beach retreat is its atmospheric underground wine cellar.

Carved into the natural landscape, the cave's ambience is intimate and inviting, and its underground environment truly capitalises on its unique location for a sense of refined seclusion. Whilst wine lovers can discover hundreds of varieties, and no doubt find their new favourite, the cave also hosts chocolate-tasting experiences.
By embracing the uniqueness of their surroundings, these luxury hotels offer an unmatched design and unparalleled experiences that innovation and connection. No matter which of these you pick, your journey is sure to be unforgettable.
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