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When to Visit Dubai: Winter vs Summer

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23-May-2024 Karl Page

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When to Visit Dubai: Winter vs Summer

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Situated in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a city unlike any other. Where luxury and modernism collide to create a metropolis of futuristic fascination. Known for its year-round sun and plethora of amazing attractions, shopping complexes, water parks and fine-dining restaurants, if you're looking to escape the stresses of everyday life and treat yourself to the finest in luxury holidays, then Dubai is the choice for you.
Although Dubai is a great location to visit all year-round, there are pros and cons to visiting during each month of the year, so how do you choose when to visit? In this article, we look at Dubai throughout the year so you can decide which month to book your next luxury family holiday.

Visiting Dubai in Summer

The desert climate in Dubai means that the temperature range barely dips below 20°c year-round, which means no matter what time of the year you're planning to visit, you're almost guaranteed sunshine and blue skies. However, the summer months in Dubai can be too much for some holiday makers, with hot winds and high humidity commonplace.

Temperature in Dubai in Summer

Unlike European countries, Dubai only has two main seasons, and the summer season runs from April to the beginning of October when temperatures often range from 33°c to 41°c. Although the temperatures may sound manageable to most, it is worth noting that humidity in Dubai is often very high, so being out and about, it can often feel hotter.
Dubai is used to hot temperatures, and it is uncommon that temperatures drop below the 20's, so hotels, malls, restaurants, and any other indoor venues are well-equipped with air-conditioning to cope with the heat, so escaping the sun doesn't need to be a concern.

Attractions in Dubai in Summer

Dubai is known for its breathtaking buildings, adrenalin-filled theme, and water parks and vibey beach clubs, but it is worth noting that in summer, many of the top attractions close their doors due to the extreme heats.
If you're planning to visit between April and October, then it is worth double-checking your must-visit locations. You can find some of the closing times for popular attractions below:
Dubai Miracle Garden - Closes April 30, 2024
Dubai Safari Park - Closes May 31, 2024
Global Village Dubai - Closes May 5, 2024
Although some attractions are closed, there is still a plethora of locations to visit and attractions to experience, including Wadi Waterpark Dubai, Jungle Bay Waterpark, Dubai Aquarium and Atlantis AquaVenture Water Park, as well as Dubai Mall, which is jam packed full of shops, restaurants and activities.
Dubai Marina at night with skyline in background
Dubai Marina
Dune Bashing in Dubai Desert
Dune Bashing

Visiting Dubai in Winter

It may sound unusual that the winter season is the most popular time to visit Dubai, but due to the lower temperatures and fresher evenings, it often proves a popular time for tourists. The winter months also mean you aren't restricted on activities or exploring due to the extreme temperatures and gives you a chance to explore the culture and opulence of the city.

Temperature in Dubai in Winter

Winter in Dubai is unlike winter in other countries, with temperatures sitting between 23°c and 35°c. Winter runs from October through to April and it makes Dubai the perfect location for some winter sun, without temperatures becoming unbearable.
Natasha from the blog The Boho Chica speaks a little more about her recommendations on when to visit Dubai: "If we're speaking strictly weather-wise, the months between October and April are the best time of year to visit Dubai and winter, from November to February, is the best season to visit Dubai. The days are relatively pleasant with sunny afternoons, the skies are blue, with some cloudy and rainy days, and the evenings are nice enough to go running outdoors."

Attractions in Dubai in Winter

When visiting Dubai in the winter, you don't need to worry about attractions being closed, and you will truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to keeping yourself occupied. Ramadan also runs throughout March, so extra celebrations might take place and establishments might have differing opening hours, so this is worth checking.
The cooler winter months are the perfect time to get the adrenalin pumping on a desert safari. A must-do when in Dubai, the cooler months mean that driving around in a jeep won't become unbearable and makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Head out into the desert and scale the huge sand dunes that are iconic in the landscape, there really is no better experience for those that love the fast and furious.
Scale to the top of the Burj Khalifa and enjoy the panoramic views at the top of the tallest building in the world.
Skydive over the palm and witness the bright turquoise waters and white-sand beaches from 4,000 feet.
Sky Diving in Dubai
Sky Diving
Aquaventure Waterpark Atlantis in Dubai
Aquaventure Waterpark

Where to stay in Dubai

No matter what time of year you are planning to visit Dubai, where you plan to stay is one of the most important things, and here at Elegant Resorts, we offer you nothing but luxury when it comes to staying in this sunny city.
Atlantis The Royal - An iconic landmark as well as a breathtaking 5* hotel, if you're looking for luxury, then look no further. Crafted by world-leading designers and sitting at 45-storeys tall, it doesn't get more spectacular, and the inside is no exception.
Atlantis The Palm - Does it really get anymore iconic than Atlantis The Palm? One of the cities most iconic buildings, the 5* resort offers lavish accommodation for families and couples alike. Palatial architecture and imposing location make it an unforgettable choice.
The Ritz-Carlton - With breathtaking views over the sea, The Ritz-Carlton is a private playground for the rich and famous and a is the epitome of elegance. The facilities are nothing short of five-star and the rooms are perfectly designed for the best nights sleep.
If you're planning to visit but don't know what months are best, then hopefully this guide has given you an insight into the sort of things you can expect from a luxury holiday in Dubai in summer and winter months. For more articles like this, then make sure you head to Elegant Traveller.
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