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Tenerife's Top 10: Your Year-Round Guide To The Island

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Laura Jones

A small island with one big personality!

The ultimate all-year-round destination, any trip to Tenerife promises to include a warm climate, spectacular scenery and culture that has long stood the test of time.
While beach basking in more than 3 000 hours of sunlight per year draws many discerning travellers to the island, there's so much more to see! From whale-watching off the southern coast to mingling in a medley of traditional festivals, we have a glorious guide to the island that promises the perfect adventure, whatever season you choose to visit.

1. Natural Wonders

While many flock to Tenerife with the hope of swapping unpredictable British weather for gorgeous beaches and warm waters, the protected natural wilderness further in land is equally as enticing. Carefully protected spaces feature over 140 exclusive plant species, including the laurel forests - a relic of the Tertiary period -and giant ferns of Anaga and Teno Country Parks. Of course, the jewel in the island's crown is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Teide National Park - home to Spain's highest peak. A cable car to the volcanic summit affords spectacular views out to sea, while evenings can also provide unbelievable stargazing sights.
El Burgado Municipio Buenavista del Norte
El Burgado Municipio Buenavista del Norte

2. Leisurely Lifestyle

From beach clubs and rooftop bars along the coast, to carnivals and festivals that light up the island's streets, a sense of fun is deeply embedded in Tenerife's DNA. You can do as much or as little as you like, whether it's grabbing a beachside cocktail to the sound of live music or indulging in a four-course feast whilst watching a spectacular show take to the stage. Glittering stars of the global music scene also often make an appearance on the island, so why not plan a magical evening of music on your next luxury holiday to Tenerife?

3. The Best of Both: Beaches and Pools

Blessed with a charming coastline and year-round sunshine, it's unsurprising Tenerife's envied combination attracts millions of visitors every year. With golden and volcanic black sands, bliss-inducing beaches - including twelve with Blue Flag awards - sprawl the length of the island, providing everything from watersports to somewhere secluded to sunbathe. Alternatively, you may prefer to soak in natural pools created by island's solidified lava or simply stay poolside at your resort; it's hard to beat Royal Hideaway Corales Resort sleek rooftop swimming pool if you're looking for postcard-perfect panoramas.
Natural Rockpools at Garachico
Natural Rockpools at Garachico

4. Magical Marine Life

In the waters off Tenerife's southern coast, around three miles from the shoreline, you can experience the eye-opening spectacle of cruising among cetaceans 365 days a year. With a stable colony of bottlenose dolphins and around 400 pilot whales residing here, you can see up to 21 species including the colossal blue whale and majestic killer whale year-round. It's as easy as hopping aboard a boat from one of the ports on the south of the island, with private yachts and catamarans offering a luxurious way to savour viewing opportunities.

5. Timeless Towns and Villages

From pretty villages to off-the-beaten-track towns, don't leave without immersing yourself in the cultural curiosities of Tenerife. At Santa Cruz, you can admire groundbreaking buildings like the Auditorio de Tenerife, the International Trade Fair and Conference Centre, whilst UNESCO World Heritage Site La Laguna features traditional mansions and courtyards that showcase astounding architecture. Other beautiful historical centres that are also worth a visit include La Orotava, Garachico and Icod de los Vinos, to mention just two of all the awaiting sites that can be discovered as you make your way around the island.
Abama Kabuki Restaurant
Abama Kabuki Restaurant

6. Exquisite Cuisine

Tenerife's glorious gastronomy has evolved in recent years, rising to deliver creative and original cuisine that incorporates quality local produce such as tuna, bananas and avocados - always best accompanied by a bottle of historic local wine. The grape varieties, climate and the specificities of the island's volcanic soil give Tenerife's wines unparalleled originality and personality. What's more, there's five Michelin-starred restaurants located on the island, with The Ritz-Carlton, Abama's Japanese fusion restaurant, Kabuki just one of those to be honoured with the sought-after culinary award.

7. Endless Family Fun

If you're looking to keep little ones busy whilst acting like a big kid yourself, Tenerife is the ultimate destination. Not only do the island's beaches and mountains provide landscapes to treat as your own personal playground, there's also a throng of theme parks and attractions scattered north to south! Undoubtedly, the most popular is Siam Park; a Thai-inspired water wonderland featuring one of the world's longest lazy rivers and an epic 28-metre high slide that plunges through a shark-filled aquarium, in addition to many other pools and slides catering to all ages.
 Stargazing in Teide National Park
Stargazing in Teide National Park

8. Skies To See The Stars

Tenerife's skies are unbelievably pure and clear, meaning they provide some of the best stargazing opportunities on the planet. The prestigious headquarters of the Instituto de AstrofĂ­sica de Canarias (Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute) reside on the island, with telescopes set up for national and international teams of scientists to work their magic. Of course, travellers can also enjoy a spot of stargazing too - many companies provide telescope observation activities, whilst others provide guided evening hikes with an expert to point out starlight highlights whilst you indulge in warming refreshments.

9. Authentic Traditions

Tenerife is an island that still highly values traditional celebrations. The RomerĂ­as (religious pilgrimages) are one of the best examples of Canary Islands culture. From March to September, the carts, oxen and tempting foods food, including special sauces and local wine, take over the island's villages. Plenty of other days of the year on the island are also full of popular festivals, with a clear religious nature running through many. Easter Week, particularly at La Laguna, and Corpus Christi - with an obligatory stop at La Orotava to admire their flower tapestries and the Teide sands - are highly recommended for those seeing authenticity. Not to be forgotten, February is Carnival month! Watch on as the capital of Santa Cruz comes alive with one of the world's brightest, most colourful and well-attended celebrations.
Mural in Puerto de La Cruz
Mural in Puerto de La Cruz

10. A Healthy Outlook

As a luxury holiday destination, Tenerife brings together the best of everything, including an exceptional range of resorts that feature sumptuous spas and wellness centres for relaxing, all set amongst the pleasure of a stunning Mediterranean climate. At a time health is more important than ever, it's also worth noting the island's modern healthcare infrastructure, led by professionals with national and international experience. So, whether you're looking for somewhere you'll feel safe whilst enjoying the sunshine or are hoping for an immerse wellness retreat, Tenerife has everything you've been looking for.
For further information about luxury holidays to Tenerife, you can visit Tenerife Tourism's website.

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From my home in picturesque North Wales, my travels have taken me from the idyllic Greek Islands to the bright lights of New York - always with a very full suitcase, of course!

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